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Walsall Massage Therapies (formerly Walsall Holistic Massage) was first established in 2006 when Lisa trained with the renowned Massage Training Institute (MTI) as a level 4 massage therapist, she has since gone on to train in Sports Massage, Indian head and Pregnancy Massage. As a member of MTI I under go continual development through reading and further training. Lisa has 10 years experience and find the human body one of the most fascinating pieces of machinery there is.

Services include

Sports Massage

Sports Massage when applied skilfully, can be the most effective therapy for releasing muscle tension either from sports or repetitive motions…

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage, is where the therapist goes beyond the lighter strokes of Swedish massage to penetrate the deeper muscle fibres…

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage, is the reason I became interested in massage in the beginning, Its very hard to find someone offering pregnancy massage…

Holistic Massage

Indian head massage, can be very effective in alleviating tension headaches, neck issues from poor posture, stress, anxiety, insomnia…

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